Competition  Score Name Team
Men's Highest Individual Score 95 Fred Parsons Originals

Men's (90) & Above Scores 93 Nick Gurd Broadoak
91 Simon Warry B.F.C.
91 Les Farnham Rejects
91 D.Way Bangers
91 D.Hobbs Countrymen
90 Steve Alner Unknowns
90 Nick  Day Shipfaced
90 Russ Coombes Masters
90 Mark Tozer B.F.C.
90 Martin Phillips B.Y.F.C.

Highest Competition Score 90 S.Pitcher Men's individuals

Ladies Highest Individual Score 83 Shirley Lutter Yo Yo's

Ladies Highest Competition Score
Highest Home Team Total 498 Bridport Fc B.Y.F.C.
Highest Away Team Total 512 Bridport Fc Rough Eight

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